Financial Services

Financial Services

01 — Summary of Offering

We provide expert advice that has helped improve operations across diverse businesses in the financial services sector, including in banking, risk management, treasury, fund management, insurance and broking.

We understand the risks and obligations placed on the financial service industry and appreciate the significant implications if they are not managed appropriately. Drawing upon our experience managing complex systems, SECORA helps businesses to better optimise sales processes, mitigate risk and improve compliance processes.

SECORA provides comprehensive analysis of business operations and develops organisational design plans that reduce process times, enhance performance and the quality of services provided.

02 — Deliverables

Extracting greater value from compliance functions

SECORA ensures businesses obtain the greatest value out an ever-expanding compliance role by mapping and analysing compliance functions, and benchmarking businesses against peers. Our team develops and implements industry-best practice on risk and compliance management, and improves reporting processes that significantly reduce reporting errors and avoid violations.

Optimising data for mortgage providers

SECORA’s experience with data collection and interrogation, and utilisation of advanced technologies, enables more and higher quality data on mortgage portfolios to be captured and for businesses to rebalance their risk weighting. These resources also allow SECORA to redesign mortgage payment systems to reduce the manual input requirement and overall processing times.

Improving sales effectiveness and revenues

We enhance sales processes and systems by designing and executing practical initiatives that both reduce costs and enhance sales conversation rates for finance and banking institutes. SECORA understands all components of the sales process, from start to finish, and delivers sustainable productivity enhancements that improve both customer satisfaction and back-end processes, thereby increasing sales revenues.