01 — Summary of Offering

Our team understands the challenges that come with operating in a knowledge-intensive sector like healthcare. We enhance the ability for healthcare organisations to effectively manage detail, diverse considerations and changing environments.

Our expertise in process analysis and redesign enables healthcare organisations to avoid constraints, support the seamless movement of goods, equipment and patients, and deliver high quality care in a safe, effective and efficient manner.

We are grateful to have supported healthcare outcomes that improve the wellbeing of vulnerable communities in Australia. SECORA’s involvement has strengthened the data-driven evidence base for indigenous suicide prevention programs and facilitated greater access to mental health services for people living in remote and rural areas.

02 — Deliverables

Strategic planning and integration of services

SECORA brings strategic vision and technical resources which support healthcare providers to plan and prioritise better, successfully address complex challenges and manage dynamic conditions. We develop strategic service plans that empower organisations to make more effective decisions, integrate services and embed high standards for care, including for sensitive end-of-life programs.

Improving pharmaceutical processes for manufacturers and hospitals

SECORA works with pharmaceutical businesses to enhance manufacturing processes and the utilisation of existing resources to improve production capacity and meet increasing demand. We also apply tested methodologies to improve the core function of hospital pharmacies by introducing efficient processes that reduce script processing times and discharge turnaround times.

Restructure and change management

Our advice and ongoing support allow healthcare sector participants to meet the challenges increased competition, technological advancement, and changing laws, regulations and demographics. SECORA guides businesses to restructure and finesse operations, improving service delivery and successfully managing the transition to new standards and reporting regimes.