01 — Summary of Offering

Our expertise across infrastructure assets, including rail and road, enables us to develop smart methodologies that enhance performance across entire asset lifecycles; from planning to delivery, maintenance, operation and disposal.

We work with businesses to analyse, plan and implement tailored approaches to infrastructure that deliver cost effective and sustainable value across a broad range of assets – including critical transport, energy and maritime assets. SECORA facilitates collaborative partnerships with government and public bodies, as key enablers and financiers for infrastructure, to navigate commercial and regulatory considerations in a timely way.

Our team understands the risks and opportunities to the infrastructure sector that technological and behavioural change present. SECORA uses data-driven research and analysis to leverage innovation, enable responsive and evidenced-base decision-making, and improve outcomes for businesses and communities alike.

02 — Deliverables

Improving efficiencies in transport infrastructure

SECORA enables the efficient operation and maintenance of critical transport infrastructure, including complex rail and port networks. We use advanced simulation to model capacity constraints and develop practical solutions to bottlenecks. Our team utilises a range of tools, including multi-year maintenance strategies, modularised infrastructure components, and employee workshops and training to enhance maintenance processes, safety and productivity.

Planning and delivering successful capital projects

SECORA appreciates that the long-term and resource-intensive nature of capital infrastructure projects requires comprehensive and precise planning to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. We apply a holistic approach to project management; integrating state-of-the-art technologies and tested methodologies to identify and align stakeholders, reduce bottlenecks and improve safety processes.

Maintaining critical utilities infrastructure

We work with utilities businesses, including water providers and electricity generators, to improve the operation and maintenance schedules of major infrastructure assets and achieve higher, and more consistent, performance. By developing and applying defined work-scopes and responsibilities, and standardising approaches across businesses, SECORA increases the time available for asset inspection and maintenance, and delivers higher quality outcomes.

Productivity doubled for highway maintenance program

Deliverable —

Improved maintenance productivity.

Client —

Asset management and maintenance services provider