Oil and Gas

01 — Summary of Offering

We know that the dynamic operating environment for the oil and gas sector presents both risk and opportunity, and we develop strategies that equip businesses to better navigate this environment and improve return on investment.

Using advanced analysis techniques, we provide a more accurate assessment of issues and tailor appropriate solutions that increase productivity and production of hydrocarbons, and ensure adherence to tight schedules and budgets.

We work closely with businesses across the oil and gas industry to embed sustainable processes which define clear responsibilities, reduce complexity and prevent costly errors.

02 — Deliverables

Mitigating external risk

We understand the need for the industry to manage and plan for rapid changes in external factors, including fluctuations in oil and gas prices for instance. SECORA uses mathematical simulation and modelling to inform planning and assess and mitigate risk, this also enables businesses to track infrastructure capacity, inventory trends and performance to ensure alignment.

Embedding best practice for health and safety

We put safety at the forefront of our work across the oil and gas industry, noting the potential for significant harm to individuals, businesses, communities and the environment if this is compromised. SECORA assesses the health and safety implications for any proposed change, and ensures that improvements in safety, profitability and organisational performance are felt simultaneously.

Implementing standardised processes

SECORA works closely with businesses to develop and implement standardised processes which establish accountability and transparency, enhance supply-chain management and foster a high-performance culture in workplaces. This creates efficiencies and reduces the risk of mistakes for oil and gas companies as they navigate an evolving industry.